Veterans Urged to Act Soon to Get Stimulus Checks

The Inland Revenue Service has set a May 5 deadline for veterans who have dependents and missed out on the COVID-19 stimulus checks that were sent out in April. These individuals have been warned that some of the funds could be delayed until next spring if they don’t act soon.

The checks can total $1,200 per person and $500 per dependent but the timelines have been confusing for many. Initially, the authorities gave veterans only two days to file for payouts for dependents.

However, the IRS later changed positions, saying veterans needed to register soon. News of the May 5 deadline came over the weekend. The IRS said it would launch a formal campaign to educate veterans about the deadline and how they can register online.

The situation affects veterans who get payouts from the Department of Veterans Affairs but don’t earn enough to file annual income tax returns.

Those who file each year should have already received their payment. However, those who don’t may have contact details on file with the IRS or have a bank account listed. This would make it difficult for them to get money.

Lower-income veterans should be able to automatically get their funds through their disability benefits account through a partnership between the Treasury and Veterans Affairs.

However, the IRS said their records don’t say whether those veterans have dependents. If they do but they don’t contact the agency, they will receive their individual payout but not the money for their dependents. That money would be applied to next year’s tax returns.

IRS Commissioner Chuck Rettig said veterans must act quickly by using the tool provided on IRS.gov.

Veterans will have to provide their names, Social Security numbers, mailing addresses, and bank routing numbers. They also need to prove the Social Security numbers of their spouses and dependents.

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Source: https://www.militarytimes.com/news/2020/04/27/irs-sets-new-may-5-deadline-to-get-info-from-veterans-who-missed-coronavirus-checks/

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