Woman Leaves Her Visually Impaired Mother in Car at Atlanta Airport

On November 20th, a woman later identified s Miranda Sherelle Holt, was officially charged with leaving her disabled mother in a vehicle in a rental car return area. Holt was arrested later after a witness stepped forward. The Atlanta Police responded to the Airport’s 2300 block off of Rental Car Center Parkway around 10 p.m. on November 14th.

During the event, Holt, a 51-year-old Atlanta resident, was confronted by the rental car employees. However, she continued to walk away and did not acknowledge them. The charges issues on November 20th pain a much more concerning picture than simply having a disabled person abandoned in a rental car return area.

Upon investigation, Police found that the elderly disabled woman had been living in a home without heat or running water. It is an upsetting situation, and as the season becomes more difficult, Atlanta Police are finding it to be more common. They reached out to the cities homeless outreach team so they could place the elderly woman in a suitable shelter.

Holt’s charged, officially processed on November 20th, includes felony neglect of an elderly and disabled person, abuse, as well as neglect, and exploitation of a disabled and elderly person. She is still in Fulton County Jail, although she was granted a $5,000 bond.

Atlanta has numerous resources available for the care of elderly or disabled persons. However, not everyone is aware of this care, these programs, or know how to access these opportunities. Elder services, the homeless outreach team, and many community programs work to help the disabled or elderly. The victim in this situation likely could have received any number of benefits that would have allowed her access to a safe and stable living environment. However, Holt’s actions ensured that she was at risk until, finally, she was abandoned.

Source: https://www.ajc.com/news/crime–law/woman-accused-leaving-visually-impaired-mom-car-atlanta-airport/etOXqwnUqxjfs2zptLx93N/

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