PTSD and veterans’ benefits: Availability?

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder which is typically triggered by a traumatic event. It is also one of the most commonly diagnosed disorders today in the United States for veterans. It can be completely debilitating, leaving those who have served our country with an inability to work and thus support themselves and sometimes their families as well. Symptoms include flashbacks, feelings of hopelessness, memory issues, difficulty concentrating, anger issues, self-destructiveness, insomnia, anxiety, hallucinations, and more.

A number of veterans from every branch of the U.S. armed forces suffer from PTSD, as well as other afflictions, as a result of their dedicated service to our country. They shouldn’t also have to battle claims and appeals processes for VA disability benefits.

That’s where we come in: our firm provides free consultations to veterans in order to help them with claims for disability benefits. We do this in order to ensure that veterans suffering from PTSD receive the support they need and deserve.


Veterans with PTSD and Claims for Benefits

In order to successfully file a benefits claim for veterans’ PTSD benefits, a veteran must have:

  • Symptoms of PTSD and a PTSD medical diagnosis (confirmed by a medical expert opinion via a VA psychiatrist or psychologist, or one who has contracted with the VA);
  • Evidence of a stressor event linked to service in the military; and
  • Evidence that the stressor is consistent with (linked to) the circumstances of the veteran’s service (i.e. confirmation that the claimed stressor supports a PTSD diagnosis).

Ratings & TDIU Claims

Ratings also affect benefit claims – ratings are how the VA determines the severity of the PTSD. A rating is assigned in connection with conditions such as PTSD, and sometimes an argument can be made for a higher rating. A 100 percent rating, for example, means that you have PTSD and can no longer work full-time as a result.

An attorney can help you seek an increased rating by, for example, making the claim that you have a 100 percent service-connected rating or a Total Disability Rating based upon Individual Unemployability (TDIU).


Non-Combat Stressors

Claims that are based on non-combat stressors can be more difficult, and often require supporting statements from family, friends, and potentially military personnel to help establish the link between behavior and functioning as a result of the non-combat stressor. Because these types of claims can be more complicated, working with an experienced veterans’ disability lawyer can help you establish an in-service, non-combat stressor.


Veterans’ Disability Lawyer Serving New Orleans & Surrounding Areas

It can be tremendously helpful to work with legal counsel and representation when applying for VA disability benefits in Louisiana. Ascend Disability Lawyers, LLC know how to obtain the necessary evidence to establish a service connection and a fair disability rating. We’ve dedicated ourselves helping disabled veterans file successful benefits claims. Contact our office today and we’ll help provide you with the guidance you need to move forward.

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