Louisiana Man Fakes Disability for Home Care

In Mid-November of 2019, a man was arrested after he fakes a disability for home care. The man pretended to be handicapped to obtain home care and have home care staff change an adult diaper. The man, 29-year-old Rutledge Deas, known by some as Rory, advertised the need for home care workers through social media. In those posts, he specified that his young handicapped brother “Cory” was in need of care. That was far from the truth.

Deas would pretend to have a disability that left him in a diaper and during the changing process, would use the home care workers’ presence to obtain sexual arousal according to state police. Unfortunately, this rouse went on for a while as there were over ten separate reports of suspicions amongst the healthcare workers.

Louisiana police were alerted and took an active involvement to understand what was going on and take active measures to protect the victims. On November 14, 2019, the man was arrested in his home on a massive amount of charges. His charges include ten counts of sexual battery, human trafficking (for labor purposes), possession of a schedule II controlled substance.

These instances make people on a large scale question the needs and the ability to question a person who claims to have disabilities. The publicity of crimes similar to these also makes it difficult for those who question the needs of disabled persons to justify home care or private care that may but medical staff at risk of abuse or assault.

This investigation is still active with the New Orleans Police Department. The New Orleans Police Department is trying to identify additional victims, collect statements, and further understand how this man convinced so many within the healthcare community that his disabilities were real. They are taking calls from potential or suspected victims for additional information at (504) 310-7000.

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Source: https://kdvr.com/2019/11/14/man-pretended-to-be-disabled-to-trick-home-care-workers-into-changing-his-diaper-police-say/

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