Ticket to Work Program Assists Social Security Disability Recipients in Job Placement

Those who are receiving Social Security disability benefits typically are unable to work. But the Social Security Administration recognizes that many of these recipients want to obtain employment. It is for this reason that the government created the Ticket to Work program. Ticket to Work offers a variety of benefits for disabled individuals who are ready to work again. And recipients can participate in the program without losing their benefits. A Mobile, AL Social Security disability attorney can help you learn more about this unique program.

One goal of Ticket to Work is empowering individuals to seek meaningful work and end their reliance on government assistance. But that doesn’t mean that participating in the program necessarily cuts off the benefits you receive. Ticket to Work is voluntary, and those who participate continue to receive their benefits while they look for a job. They may even be able to receive benefits after they find work, if their income is under a certain amount.

Eligible participants include those ages 18-64 who are getting Social Security Disability Insurance and Supplemental Security Income. If you have questions about your eligibility for the program, talk to a Mobile, AL Social Security disability benefits lawyer. Under Ticket to Work, most beneficiaries become eligible when they start to receive SSDI or SSI because of disability. Beneficiaries can use the program to obtain employment, vocational rehabilitation services, and other necessary support to acquire a job. Partnering with an Employment Network of their choice, these individuals can work towards finding a self-supporting vocation. The Social Security Administration compensates Employment Networks when they help beneficiaries achieve a certain level of work and earnings.

Employment Networks (ENs) are agencies and organizations that provide employment support services. Private employers can also serve as ENs. Some of the services they provide include resume writing, access to job leads, and teaching interview skills. Your Mobile, AL Social Security disability lawyer can discuss what services may be available to help you return to work.

A beneficiary may want to become self-employed or start their own business. Services and support are available through Ticket to Work which can help a person accomplish this. If you are interested in pursuing self-employment or starting a business, you should notify your EN early in the process. But be aware that some ENs might not choose to work with an individual who has self-employment as a goal.

Ticket to Work participants can choose from several different ENs. They can talk with as many ENs as they want before choosing one. If a recipient signs an agreement with an employment network, the EN will work to develop an employment plan. Every 12 months, the Social Security Administration reviews the progress made towards the employment plan goals. If the recipient is making timely progress in the program, the SSA won’t conduct a medical review of the disability.

Those who enroll in the Ticket program may also receive services from a state vocational rehabilitation agency. These agencies provide numerous services to help disabled individuals return to work or enter the workforce for the first time. Recipients continue to receive their benefits until they start earning wages or self-employment income above the applicable earnings limit. How much you can earn before your monthly benefits are affected will vary from one individual to the next. Talk to your Mobile, AL Social Security disability benefits attorney to learn more about this.

Talk to Our Social Security Disability Team About Ticket to Work

Ticket to Work offers a chance for someone with a disability to return to work or enter a new field. It also helps people find employment for the first time. However, being denied for Social Security benefits means you will not be eligible for the program. There are also important guidelines of which you should be aware if you want to use Ticket to Work. The Social Security benefits team at Ascend Disability Lawyers, LLC, can help. Give us a call today to get started.

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