Man Arrested for Posing as Disabled Person for Sexual Arousal Under False Pretenses

A man was recently arrested by Louisiana police for posing as a disabled person for sexual arousal under false pretenses.

The Miami Herald reports that 29-year-old Rutledge Deas IV reached out to have home health care workers dispatched to his home. According to the report, the New Orleans resident – who also goes by “Rory” – asked for the home health care workers to assist his 18-year-old brother. Deas allegedly claimed that his brother was handicapped both physically and mentally.

Louisiana State Police stated that Deas would pretend to be Cory when the workers arrived onsite. He would reportedly ask for assistance from the workers to change adult diapers for him. Deas would allegedly obtain sexual arousal during the diaper change process.

The report further states the victim did not become suspicious of Rutledge Deas’ behavior until after 10 home health care sessions. The victim reportedly discovered that Rutledge was pretending to be the disabled patient receiving home health care assistance.

One report stated that Deas told investigators of the severe childhood trauma that he experienced in his past. He further explained that receiving care as if he was a baby essentially allowed him to relive the time when Deas was “at peace.”

Assistant District Attorney Michael Henn referred to the behavior as “harrowing.” He further stated that Deas targeted people with the “compassion and patience” to care for individuals living with disabilities.

Louisiana police confirmed that an arrest warrant was obtained, and Deas was brought into custody without incident at his residence in New Orleans. According to the report, investigators anticipated that additional victims would come forward which is why the investigation was listed as “ongoing” when the article was published.

Deas was booked Wednesday with 10 counts of sexual battery and human trafficking through fraudulently obtaining personal services. Since Deas allegedly admitted to hiring a minimum of 3 other women to care for him under false pretenses, he reportedly could face additional charges.

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