Pothole Poses Risk for Wheelchair New Orleans Residents

New Orleans streets are notorious for being filled with jazz, people walking and taking in the atmosphere, and unfortunately, potholes. On December 25th, a disabled woman fell into a water-filled pothole while in her wheelchair. The wheelchair tipped over, and the woman in her 70s required emergency medical attention. The Christmas day mishap went over as well as possible because of concerned neighbors who helped the woman out of the hole and contacted emergency services.

The city was able to repair the pothole the next day, but neighbors report that it’s a temporary solution. The road in question frequently has potholes arise after a rain, or heavy traffic because the asphalt is a patchwork and covers years and years of potholes without repaving. There’s also a clear disconnect between the city’s departments.

While repairing the road, the contractors were asked by neighbors about the cause. The contractors reported that they were only hired by the city to make the necessary repair, but that there is clearly a leak somewhere. Between this repair crew, however, they were not authorized to recommend water damage repairs. They noted that they aren’t the Sewage and Water Board.

Disabled people who attempt to get around town should not face these issues. Potholes that cause wheelchairs to tip, especially when an occupant is an elderly person, can pose a serious medical risk. This woman required emergency care and response. If not for neighbors, it’s unclear if she would have received the help she needed. New Orleans streets need to be safe for disabled people to get around, and that will likely require substantial work on the roadways and sidewalks. It’s unclear if this woman will pursue legal action against the city for her injuries as no comment has yet been made about her condition.

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Source: https://www.kiro7.com/news/trending/wheelchair-bound-woman-falls-into-massive-pothole-new-orleans-street/J2YLPSGVAVFYJIRFBVDOLN4FPQ/

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