New Year Starts With Boil Water Advisory for New Orleans

Not just for those with disabilities or illnesses, the entire western bank of New Orleans is being advised to boil their water for all purposes. The New Orleans Sewage and Water Board or SWBNO is telling all residents to boil water before using it for drinking, cooking, cleaning, or even for brushing your teeth.

However, those with conditions or illnesses which compromise their immune system should reconsider using tap water to wash their hands or bathe. They have not yet disclosed the primary concern behind the boil water advisory, only that those with compromised immune systems are at a higher risk.

The drop in PSI and concern initially came after crews were working on Mardi Gras Boulevard with standard repairs. Anyone in an area with water pressure below 20 pounds per square inch should consider boiling their water at this time. You can request a water pressure reading from your city office or purchase a gauge at a local hardware store. Ideally, the water pressure would range between 45 and 55 PSI. However, water pressure per square inch is not the only issue or concern on this front.

Along with the Louisiana Department of Health, the Sewage and Water Board of New Orleans will inform residents when it is once again safe to use tap water for general purposes. Any questions should be directed to the Sewage and Water Board.

An extensive warning goes out to anyone caring for infants, young children, and all disabled persons. That extends to disabilities, which might come with open wounds, chronic illnesses, or compromised or weakened immune systems. Boiling water will often purify the water of contaminants that may have introduced during city treatment or processing. The city identifying this is a big step in that it minimized the risk of the community. Contact our New Orleans disability lawyers today.

Source: https://wgno.com/2020/01/06/precautionary-boil-water-advisory-issued-for-west-bank-of-new-orleans/

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