The Importance of Legal Representation in SSD Cases

A common misconception when dealing with any case related to SSD benefits is that legal representation is unnecessary. These applicants may assume that they already have everything that they need to win the case and receive the benefits without the need to invest in professional assistance.

Here is an overview of why that is not the case and why contacting an experienced Social Security disability lawyer from Ascend Disability may be in your best interest.

Most Claims for SSD Benefits Are Denied

The majority of disability benefit claims are typically denied. Each year, the Social Security Administration (SSA) releases a report of the previous year’s data that shows the number of applications that were submitted, still pending, and denied at various stages. According to the report, there are several reasons why an applicant can receive a denial – including if it was confirmed that he or she:

  • Can perform their unusual type of work
  • Can perform a different type of work
  • Has a confirmed impairment that is not severe
  • Has a confirmed impairment that will not exceed 12 months

Another common reason why applications for SSD benefits are denied is the lack of medical evidence or cooperation by the applicant. For instance, if the applicant failed to follow their doctor’s orders or stick to the prescribed treatment schedule, then they run the risk of receiving a denial.

Having an experienced attorney to assist you with navigating through these turbulent waters will increase your chances of not ending up on this list.

An Expert Guide Can Help You Through the Application Process

Most applicants of SSD benefits fit into one of two categories: (1) they are first-time applicants that are unsure of what to do or (2) they were previously denied and hope to get an approval this time around.

Regardless of the category that covers your specific circumstances, it is highly recommended to have an expert guide work with you through the various steps needed to complete the application process successfully.

during a SSD case, a lawyer can help you obtain benefits

A Social Security disability lawyer can educate you on how to fill in the necessary paperwork and the various steps that you need to take behind the scenes before submitting anything to the SSA.

Navigating the Ups and Downs of Hearings & Appeals

Another major benefit of having legal representation in SSD cases is the insight that they offer during hearings and appeals. There are quite a few factors and deadlines to consider throughout this part of the journey – many of which can easily slip through the cracks for the inexperienced or naïve applicant.

For instance, there are several forms required when submitting a request for a hearing – such as authorizations to disclose pertinent information, medical treatments, and prescriptions.

In addition, the applicant must formally request a hearing within 60 calendar days of first receiving the reconsideration decision. An attorney can keep track of these various deadlines and guidelines on your behalf, allowing you to focus more on your recovery and recuperation.

Reduce Your Workload to Focus More On Your Recovery

While enduring the legal process, you will also still be managing the other aspects of your life – including your family life and other obligations. You will also have to deal with the modifications to your life that have been caused by your disability or impairment that sparked the need for you to apply in the first place.

Trusting an experienced SSD lawyer to carry most of the load will allow you to focus on following your prescription medication schedule, complying with your therapy protocol, and other related to-do items. This will help you to get your life back on track outside of the courtroom while your SSD lawyer works on your behalf inside of the courtroom.

Contact a Social Security Disability Lawyer Today

Navigating yourself through the application process and subsequent deadlines can use a vast amount of time. Therefore, it is highly recommended for you to invest in the expertise of a Social Security disability lawyer to guide you through each of the hoops and loops that you will likely encounter.

It has also been proven that an SSD lawyer can reduce your SSD benefits application timeline and even expedite the determination process. You will also be able to rest assured in knowing that you have easy access to the most up-to-date information and resources to guide you.

Contact Ascend Disability today at (855) 809-4873 to schedule your free consultation.

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