Those with Disabilities Must Spend Extra Care in Preparing for Storms

The Bayou state is well known for its barrage of tropical storms and hurricanes. Louisiana is almost exclusively targeted for extreme weather. It contains extreme heat among the different storms that hit the land. While many can rely on on-the-fly decision-making and communities can come together to help recuperate, people with disabilities have to make different plans.

In the wake of hurricane Laura, and while we watch tropical storm Sally develop, the big questions are how exactly are people with disabilities taking precautions to prepare for these storms? With covid-19 many people are afraid to travel and traveling itself is more restrictive and difficult to come by. Many medical facilities are still not in taking new patients that don’t absolutely need emergency care. For many people with disabilities, that is their option in the event of a storm.

A Natchitoches High School history teacher, Casey Green, has cerebral palsy and shared how she responded to Hurricane Laura. For Stanley hurricane Laura did not cause as much damage to Green’s area as other storms have in the past. However, green explored that because of her cerebral palsy she cannot withstand extreme temperatures, such as Louisiana summer. Additionally, she cannot go through extensive periods of time without electricity and that is largely due to temperature control needs.

Those with disabilities in the New Orleans area should reach out to key community members who work with organizations that help the disabled. These organizations can help people with disabilities plan for what should happen if another severe tropical storm or hurricane hits the area. It is only through proper planning that the elderly or people with debilitating conditions or disabilities can comfortably respond to these storms when they happen. Take time to put together a bag, track your medication, and speak with community members or nearby family to have a plan. Contact our New Orleans disability attorneys for any more information.

Source: https://www.sierraclub.org/sierra/how-people-disabilities-weather-natural-disasters

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