Atlanta Exotic Dancer Illegally Collects Disability Checks

Valencia Williams is a 31-year-old exotic dancer who works nights regularly. However, through the Social Security Administration, she had been receiving disability benefits claiming that the anxiety and depression she experienced were so debilitating she could not possibly work. The claim was medically backed, and she alleged that most of the time, she could not bear to leave her room.

She had applied for benefits in July of 2010 and then received benefits for four years prior to taking on a job as a dancer at Stroker’s Adult Entertainment Club in Clarkston. She applied and received the appropriate adult entertainment permits through the county each year while working and continuing to receive disability benefits.

Of course, SSI, and SSDI are meant for those people who are truly disabled, unable to work, and in an income level before the national poverty guides. Not only was Williams able to work and not disabled, but the income she received would have made her equally disqualified for the benefits even if she were disabled. The Social Security Administration acknowledged that she didn’t just steal money from the federal government and the state, but she took the availability of benefits away from those who needed it.

On February 26th of 2020, William’s pled guilty to fraud and admitted to receiving about $60,000 that she had no right to. That sum is likely the benefits received following the 2014 receipt of the entertainment permits. The total sum of her benefits and if she actually needed them between the years, 2010 and 2014 is unknown or undisclosed.

Those who take benefits from the disabled community must be held responsible for their actions. The fraud and theft may be against the government, but those affected are the people who need support and help. The victims of these crimes are the disabled community.

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Source: https://www.ajc.com/news/crime–law/dekalb-stripper-pleads-guilty-collecting-disability-payments-while-dancing/7dXbveKgDh3Dkwg75efaaK/

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