SSD Benefits for Children with Disabilities

If your child is disabled, he or she may qualify for Social Security disability benefits. Here is an overview of all the pertinent details you need to know how to apply and qualify for SSD benefits for children.

Relying on the services of an experienced Social Security disability lawyer from Ascend Disability can help you to find answers to some commonly-asked questions about the steps involved in receiving this benefit.

How the Age of Your Child Impacts Their Eligibility 

Your child’s age plays a key role in determining for which type of benefits he or she may qualify.

  • If your child is younger than 18: He or she may qualify for SSI (Supplemental Security Income) payments.
  • If your child is 18 or older: He or she may qualify to receive SSDI (Social Security Disability) benefits.

It is understandable why people think that this is a benefit that the child must apply for on their own and will receive based on their earnings (or lack thereof). However, the SSDI benefit is actually determined based on the parent’s income. Even though it is classified as a “child’s” benefit, it is based on the earnings record that the parent maintains with the Social Security Administration.

How Can Children Over the Age of 18 Qualify for SSDI Benefits?

Once a child becomes the age of 18, the Social Security Administration essentially views them as an adult – especially when it comes to qualifications and eligibility. Therefore, their application or disability benefits will be considered and examined with the same guidelines and expectations of an application submitted by an adult.

The Disability Determination Services department within your state will receive the application and make the determination for the SSA.

disabled children are covered by SSA benefits

Is Any Other Paperwork Required Along with the Application?

In addition to the application for SSDI benefits for children or even SSI payments, it is recommended that the parent completes a Child Disability Report to submit along with it.

The objective of this report is to collect pertinent details about the disability or impairment that qualifies the child for benefit payments. Fortunately, this report does not have to be done by mail; it can be completed electronically via the online form.

What Happens During the Scheduled Appointment?

Once all the paperwork is submitted, a representative from the SSA will contact you by phone. This will officially initiate the application process, which is when an appointment will be scheduled. During the appointment, it is imperative for you to have your child’s birth certificate in addition to their Social Security number.

  • If the benefits will be based on your own earnings record as the parent, then you will also need to provide your own Social Security number.
  • If the benefits will be based on the child’s deceased parent, then you will need to provide his or her Social Security number instead.

Documentation Helps With the Determination

An important tip that you should keep in mind throughout the application and appointment process is that documentation helps with the determination. The more documentation related to your child’s disability that you can present on their behalf, the better. For instance, you will need to disclose as many details about your child’s condition(s) as possible.

Gather all the information related to their medical history – including hospitalizations, doctor visits, confirmed diagnoses, account numbers, and other details. Any copies of medical reports that you have collected since the disability was first diagnosed will likely come in handy as well.

All of this information will be carefully reviewed in addition to the information received directly from your child’s healthcare professionals.

Hire a Social Security Disability Lawyer for Help with SSD Benefits for Children

It is highly recommended to invest in the expertise of a licensed attorney that specializes in SSD and SSI benefits. He or she will be able to guide you along through each of the steps based on the circumstances of your specific case. They will also be able to educate you on all the other options and assistance that may be available to you from the state.

A simple Google search may generate a lot of different results and options for SSD benefits for children. However, it is best to have an experienced professional help you to navigate through all the options that apply to your child’s specific needs and to steer clear of the ones that do not.

You can get a lot of your questions answered and map out an action plan with an experienced Social Security disability lawyer by calling our team at Ascend Disability today. Call (855) 809-4873 to schedule your free consultation and find out what you should do next for your child.

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