Reasons Your Social Security Disability Claim Could Be Denied

If you’re unable to work, Social Security Disability (SSDI) may be the vital lifeline you need. Unfortunately, applying for disability benefits is more difficult than many believe. A seemingly harmless oversight could cost you unnecessary time, headaches, and your benefits altogether.

The Texas disability team at Ascend Disability is here to avoid those problems by handling your disability application. We take a look here at some common reasons the Social Security Administration (SSA) might reject your application.

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Reason 1: You Fail to Meet the Non-Medical Requirements

When most applicants think about their disability benefits, they focus on the medical aspects of their condition. And while you certainly have to meet specific medical criteria, don’t overlook other application requirements. The SSA is not going to consider your application if you fail to meet basic eligibility rules.

For instance, you might have insufficient work credits to qualify for SSDI. On the other hand, too few of those credits might have been earned before your disability began. Another problem is that some applicants earn above the limit of substantial gainful activity. Leaving out basic application details is another reason your claim may be denied.

It may sound odd but don’t assume that being disabled is enough to qualify for disability benefits. Talk to a Texas SSDI lawyer to make sure your application is strong.

Denied Social Security Disability Application

Reason 2: Your Disability Is Not Severe Enough

Being disabled can potentially qualify you for disability benefits. However, the disability has to be severe enough to prevent you from working for at least 12 months. If the SSA believes your condition does not keep you from holding gainful employment, your claim will probably be denied. The same is true if the SSA thinks your condition will resolve itself within a year.

Of course, these are predictions and judgment calls the SSA has to make. The agency obviously has no way of knowing for certain when or even if your disability will improve. Nor can the SSA absolutely know whether or not you can work in spite of your condition. You need a skilled Texas disability benefits attorney to make a compelling case that your disability is serious.

Reason 3: Not Keeping Up With Your Treatment Regimen

Being disabled and unable to work are necessary conditions for winning benefits. However, the SSA expects you to take steps to help improve your disability. In other words, the SSA requires you to follow your doctor’s treatment recommendations. If you are making no effort to get better, or the SSA at least believes you aren’t, your claim could be denied.

Disability is intended to support individuals who not only can’t work but are not expected to improve. When a doctor creates a treatment regimen designed to help the patient improve, the patient needs to follow it. A Texas disability benefits lawyer is ready to explain the severity of your condition to the SSA.

Claim Your Disability Benefits With Ascend Disability

If you are unable to work and want to know whether you qualify for disability, reach out to us. We can explain eligibility criteria, what has to be proven, and how to make a good case. Then, we can get to work applying for disability benefits on your behalf. In the event your application is denied, you have options such as reconsideration.

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