Three Tips to Enhance Your Louisiana Disability Application

When applying for disability benefits, every little thing that helps can make a difference. That’s because the majority of applications for Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) are denied. You already understand how frustrating it is to not be able to work. However, the disability application process can be far more discouraging.

How can you present the best possible case for the monthly payments you deserve? The Louisiana disability benefits attorneys at Ascend Disability are here to serve you.

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Evidence and Persistence Are Key for SSDI

A disabled individual might assume that applying for and receiving benefits is relatively easy. After all, the entire system exists to help people pay their bills and get the medical treatments they need. In reality, actually winning disability benefits is harder than it may seem. Many applicants are initially denied for a number of reasons. Mostly, however, the problem comes down to a lack of compelling evidence.

While strong evidence is necessary, it is not always sufficient. You can expect delays, mistakes, and decisions that don’t make any sense. You may need to appeal or otherwise escalate your claim to win compensation. Persistence is therefore also essential to successfully applying for your disability benefits.

Our Louisiana SSDI attorney offers three suggestions for incorporating these principles.

Tip 1: Include a Statement From Your Doctor

Medical records are great pieces of evidence and provide material proof of your disability. However, they should never be handed over to the Social Security Administration (SSA) with nothing more. You need something to make sense of the medical records, and that’s a statement from your doctor.

A doctor’s statement is useful for not only validating your medical records but also explaining pertinent details about your disability. This statement will explain precisely why you are unable to do any work and therefore require disability benefits. Along with the information in your medical records, the doctor’s statement can persuade the SSA to rule in your favor.

Disability Benefits Claim Form

Tip 2: Make a List of Your Medications

There is a good chance that you are taking at least one medication due to your disability. To deal with the pain and other complications of their disabilities, many individuals have to take these medicines. What some applicants overlook, however, is that their inability to work could stem in part from their medications. There could be drastic side effects that make it impossible to maintain gainful employment.

Start off by making a list of all of the medications you take. Include their names, dosages, when they were prescribed and dispensed, and how much you take at once. Then, make a note of all the side effects you experience from these medicines. If the SSA better understands the effects of your medications on your ability to work, you are more likely to win compensation.

Tip 3: Hire a Louisiana Disability Attorney and Be patient

As mentioned above, applying for disability is never a simple or quick process. The SSDI application and review system is notoriously slow and rife with problems. It may be months before you receive a reply, so keep taking your medications and seeing your doctor. This is important to keep your medical records updated and show the SSA you are serious about your application.

Hiring an attorney is a critical component of this, one that should start well before you file your initial application. But no matter which stage of the process you are currently at, legal counsel can help. That’s where our Louisiana disability benefits law firm, Ascend Disability, comes in.

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