Why You Should Hire an Attorney for Your Workers’ Compensation Case

You may already be aware of the procedures that apply when a workplace accident victim wants to seek workers’ compensation. However, there are several good reasons to retain a workers’ compensation lawyer to assist with your case.

Our goal at Ascend Disability Lawyers, LLC is to help workers’ comp clients win the monetary support they need. Let us show you why so many workplace accident victims count on our team.

Reporting and Filing the Claim Correctly and on Time

Generally, to file a workers’ compensation claim, an accident victim must first notify his or her employer. This usually must be done within 30 days of the accident. However, it is strongly advised that you don’t wait. It can be much harder, for example, to remember key details about the accident.

After reporting the injury either you or your employer must file with the state workers’ compensation agency. Your workers’ compensation lawyer will help ensure the claim is reported and filed properly and timely.

Gathering the Necessary Evidence

We can also help take care of collecting the evidence you will need to support your claim. As an example, a workers’ compensation claimant must generally show that the accident was work-related. That means there must be work-related factors involved.

This can apply even if the accident happened off site, as long as it was related to the job. You may have been driving somewhere as part of your work duties and still be covered. But if your employer tries to argue you weren’t engaged in work at the time, we can help refute this.

Additionally, we can gather anything needed to document the extent of your medical condition. That includes proving that you followed the prescribed treatment regimen, which is essential to protecting your right to compensation. We understand all of the evidence needed to substantiate a workers’ compensation claim.

Interviewing Witnesses

If there were witnesses to your workplace accident, we can interview them to corroborate your story. This may prove to be a necessary step if your employer is contesting your workers’ compensation claim. Witnesses are often reluctant to talk about these incidents because they may fear for their jobs.

We will take steps to reassure them of their rights, including any that concern employer retaliation. The testimony of co-workers will be added to the evidence you need to win your right to compensation.

Legal Action, if Necessary

Our goal is to quickly resolve workers’ compensation cases with as little interruption to our clients’ lives as possible. At the same time, we recognize that legal action is sometimes required to win workers’ compensation benefits.

Our legal representation may take several different forms, including:

  • Representing a client in mediation
  • Appearing on behalf of a client in court
  • Appealing an unfair workers’ compensation decision

We Will Handle Every Aspect of Your Workers’ Compensation Case

Ascend Disability Lawyers, LLC, is prepared to manage each step of your workers’ compensation case. That includes advising you of your legal rights and keeping you updated as to the status of your claim. We know that suffering a workplace injury is stressful, and so is taking legal action to win the benefits you deserve.

Let us relieve you of the stress that comes with the workers’ compensation process so you can focus on recovering. Call us today.

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